Anthropic Claude

Get API key

A step-by-step guide on how to get an API key to use Anthropic (Claude) models.
  1. Sign up for a Console account

    First, visit the Anthropic website at and create an account.

  2. Log In to Your Account

    Log in to the Console.

  3. Navigate to the API Key Section

    Go to API Keys section within your Account Settings.

  4. Generate New API Key

    Click the Create Key button on the top right. Give your key a descriptive name.

    Note that you won't be able to view the key again once you leave this page, so make sure to save it somewhere safe.

    It's important to remember that your API key is like a password, so treat it as confidential information. Only you should know it and if it falls into the wrong hands, others may be able to use it to access Anthropic services using your account.

  5. Add a payment method and pre-pay your account

    Navigate to Plans and Billing and add a payment method. Then click Add Funds and pre-pay your account.

  6. Enter your API key into Kerlig

    You can either do that during onboarding or later, in the Settings.

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