Interface overview

Familiarize yourself with the Kerlig app interface to unlock its full potential. Learn to navigate it using your mouse/trackpad or keyboard for the fastest interaction.
Kerlig user interface overview
  1. Source app

    This is the app from which Kerlig was launched, it is used as a context when starting a chat or running an action, and later on you can insert the generated text back to this app.

  2. Start blank or Start with content

    Toggle between starting a chat or running an action with initial context – the text selected from other apps or from the clipboard, or starting blank – without any initial context. Starting blank is best for asking random/arbitrary questions that aren't tied to other apps.

  3. Pin or unpin window (toggle)

    By default, the Kerlig app window closes when you click outside of it. However, you can pin the window to change this behavior, which is super useful for back-and-forth chats and for interacting with other apps while keeping Kerlig open. You can always close the window by pressing the Esc key or selecting "Close Kerlig" from the menu bar.

  4. Chat history

    Your recent chats are easily accessible from the Chat History menu. You can also quickly restore the last chat by pressing ⌘+R or start a new chat with ⌘+N.

  5. Selected action

    You can run the selected action either by pressing Enter on the keyboard, double-clicking on it, or single-clicking on the icon on the far right. Additionally, you can change an AI model which will run this action either by pressing Tab or clicking on the Tab label. If the action is “Run,” you can also choose a Preset.

  6. List of actions

    Use the keyboard arrow keys or click to navigate the list.

  7. Prompt (also a serach bar)

    Once you begin typing, it will search through the action list. After entering at least three letters, you will see the "Run" action, allowing you to simply ask the AI model for the prompt you have typed.

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