Multi-turn chats

Engage in natural, multi-turn chats in a compact interface

Customizing Presets

With Kerlig, you can have typical multi-turn conversations like those with ChatGPT or other similar apps. Once you ask the first question and receive an answer, you can continue the conversation by choosing "Next AI ask" and posing another question, repeating this process as needed. All messages within a conversation are memorized, allowing the AI models to access them.

Compact UX for multi-message display

Kerlig displays only one question and answer at a time. This design is ideal for an assistant app that integrates seamlessly with any application on the system and helps keep the window small.

Navigating between messages

To navigate between messages, use the arrows in the header. You can return to any previous message and ask a new question from that point (doing so will erase any existing future messages).

Editing questions

If you are not satisfied with a response from the AI model, you can edit your question (prompt) to add more details or guidance by pressing the ⌫ Del button.

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